About Us



 TechStarts provides media relations, marketing, and investor relations services. Current and previous engagements include Innovation Works, Honeycomb Credit, Next Act Fund, Identified Technologies, Flexable, Civic Mapper, and Partners International. 


Deborah Eisenberg

Deborah has worked for a wide variety of start-ups and established businesses, and has delivered compelling marketing communications content for over fifteen years. She was one of a small team of people who built the US operations of a global PR agency, and has worked in Strategic Communications for the US State Department. 

Deborah has worked in New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, and has experience working for technology, financial technology and robotics companies .  


Ray Linsenmayer

Ray has more than twenty years of experience in corporate development, market and equity research, and project finance. A graduate of North Allegheny High School and Duquesne University, Ray is driven to helping our region's companies grow and thrive! 

Ray has helped companies around the country understand their markets and secure financing for their efforts. He worked at the Pentagon helping the US Army finance large solar, wind and biomass projects on their land, and has deep experience in the technology, telecommunications and renewable energy industries.