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Pittsburgh Tribune Review - Entrepreneurial women get targeted support from the Next Act Fund

“If we support women entrepreneurs and they are successful when they exit, they’re going to have a lot of money and then they are most likely to invest in other women-owned business,” said Campos. “It’s a cycle that we’re building.”

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Crunchbase - "Crunchbase Spotlight: Jenn Van Dam, Digital and Community Manager, Innovation Works"

"To get the lowdown on the growing Pittsburgh tech scene, we met with Jenn Van Dam. Van Dam is the Digital and Community Manager at Innovation Works – the most active seed-stage investor in Southwestern Pennsylvania with over 370 portfolio companies – and a champion for diversity and inclusiveness in tech."

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Wall Street Journal - "Investors Urge AI Startups to Inject Early Dose of Ethics"

" A tech accelerator run by Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works this year introduced a voluntary ethics component to its 27-week program for startups, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. All 12 companies taking part in the program chose to participate in the ethics pilot, which touches on topics including bias and data privacy and asks founders to produce an ethical-values document, said Ilana Diamond, managing director of hardware at Innovation Works. "

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Crowdfund Insider - "Honeycomb Credit CEO & Co-Founder George Cook Discusses Rust Belt Crowdfinancin

" I’m a sixth generation community banker, my family has been running a small community bank in rural Appalachia for about 130 years.  Growing up in the family business, I spent a lot of time thinking about community banking and its impact on Main Street communities. But I started to notice that the banking industry is consolidating at a dumbfounding rate – we lose one community bank in the U.S. every single day. "

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Venture Beat - "Carnegie Mellon and Innovation Works hold ‘venture fair’ for Pittsburgh AI and robot

 “Historically, we have tended to draw a lot of capital into Pittsburgh from what I would call that corridor from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and then through the Midwest,” Innovation Works CEO Rich Lunak said                                                  


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Forbes - "Thoughts From The Most Active Investor In Robotics"

Robotics technology is everywhere. It is currently disrupting industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and agriculture. Since the founding of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 1979, Pittsburgh has been a world leader in the development of robotics technology.  Today, Pittsburgh has dozens of robotics startups, several multinational technology firms working in robotics and significant levels of university-based research. In addition to all this, I am the co-founder of a robotics company that was sold to McKesson, so I am intimately familiar with the sector. 

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