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Carnegie Mellon and Innovation Works hold ‘venture fair’ for Pittsburgh AI and robotics startups

 “Historically, we have tended to draw a lot of capital into Pittsburgh from what I would call that corridor from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and then through the Midwest,” Innovation Works CEO Rich Lunak said                                                  


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Thoughts From The Most Active Investor In Robotics

Robotics technology is everywhere. It is currently disrupting industries as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and agriculture. Since the founding of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 1979, Pittsburgh has been a world leader in the development of robotics technology.  Today, Pittsburgh has dozens of robotics startups, several multinational technology firms working in robotics and significant levels of university-based research. In addition to all this, I am the co-founder of a robotics company that was sold to McKesson, so I am intimately familiar with the sector. 

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Personalities of Pittsburgh: Yvonne Campos, president of Next Act Fund

 Yvonne Campos talks about how she started the area’s first and only women-focused angel fund. 

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How Next Act Fund is bringing women and investing together in Pittsburgh


Yvonne Campos wants Pittsburgh to be the top city for women entrepreneurs.

The necessary ecosystem exists: There’s innovation, funding, accelerators, universities and more, she said.

“We have everything we need,” Campos said, adding there needs to be “just more of it.”

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Identified Technologies Improves Drone Mapping Efficiency by 75%


“We are thrilled to be offering this groundbreaking technology to our clients,” Zhang said. “In addition to the 70-90% cost savings that drone mapping can provide, we are now able to help companies get that data faster, through easier and more intuitive process.”

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Mines adopt drone technology

  Watching was Identified Technologies CEO Dick Zhang, visiting the mine on a customer service call.  “We’ve come so far. It’s so satisfying, so fulfilling,” Zhang said, explaining how his role at Marigold has morphed from trainer to spectator now that the mining staff is trained and certified. 

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